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About us


The founder and Managing Director of INEDUCO Foundation, Niklaus Brockhaus, started his supporting activities for Burma on an entirely private basis in February 2001 within the scope of a fruit tree planting as well as a reforestation project in Shan State. He financed the missing 60 % of a centralised rice mill for seven Pa’o villages (roughly 450 households).

Initially, financial support ensued almost exclusively from private acquaintances, family and friends. At a later stage, funding was complemented by various private institutions such as schools, churches, associations and other foundations.

Upon the advice of colleagues, INEDUCO with its main three focuses was founded in 2007 and listed in the commercial register.

For large development projects, INEDUCO is systematically counselled by Heinz Ermatinger, an education and quality expert. He also is in charge of monitoring long-term development projects